A futuristic rp where 3 friends in a game called Oasis go to school together in this game. Outside the game is a post apocalyptic world. The houses are now trailers stacked on top of each other a few at a time to keep from collapsing on each other. The world is slowly dying and most people escape into their virtual reality game called Oasis. There are other games like ragnarok online VR and Minecraft VR but neither have homes inside the game like Oasis does. Some people even stay in their virtual reality and never leave because of how bad reality is. 

Well there is a school called Oasis Academy that homes students from preschool to 12th grade. Where all children from all over the world go. It is a world all it's own in Oasis and has dorms even for the students if they wish to stay. Our group is starting off in 9th grade at the age of 14.

They are a tight knit group and are always together when school is a going. Sometimes even when they go to the MMORPG part of Oasis too.

The MMORPG part of Oasis is the world of Altisia where there are 120 floors of worlds all have different things in them. Every floor has a shopping district, monster area, and a boss dungeon. Every monster and boss has drops. There are several types of monsters per floor and every floor goes up in level. 

The combat system is that of a hologram type system that comes from a wrist band you wear around your left wrist. It will tell you the different skills you have and what attacks or spells you have. You can switch between weapons but it takes a turn to do it. You do that from your wristband aswell. Called a HoloWatch. Shorted from Hologram Display Watch.

Also if you hold your weapon and make a concentration check you can cause double damage if you pass the check. It will help out greatly in battle if you put more skill points into this feat. 

In battle you get a turn once your turn bar fills. Whether it fills quickly or not is determined by your dexterity stat. So if you have a high dex stat you'll be hitting quite often. So dont forget about those stats. 

There is a shopping world in Oasis aswell. It's sorta like a mega-mall with everything one needs. Food in Oasis allows you to feel full while you are in game but you still need to atleast eat once a day in reality. Also things you buy in Oasis you do not get to take with you to reality. 

There is also a homing world in oasis aswell. So if you want a home in Oasis then by all means go ahead. It ranges between trailers like in reality or really nice mansions. This world is big enough to home the whole world if need be.

Your virtual reality headset is called the nerve gear headset and it scans your whole body and calibrates it so you can move around as if it was a real body in the virtual world. 

In reality food is getting scarce. It is literally a waste land. There are still animals here and there but when you see one you better capture it right away. Even pets are scarce. The only pets people have now a days are called Allmates. They are robotic pets that talk to you even and are like computers almost. There are many different allmates. There are even robotic humanoids that are running around. Only the rich have them which when in game keep them fed and hydrated.

Reality is very hard and most people are poor. Money is hard to come by even when working. The only people who are rich are those who created Oasis and the ones who know how to grow food. The main thing people eat now a days are like military rations. Some canned, some in packages, but none tasted good unless you got food fresh. But again that is based on money. Military Rations are what are given to everyone once a day for free. To keep people from dying.

Also there is free healthcare in Reality aswell. All around the world people are finally starting to take care of each other. It is all they can do to survive. But there is from time to time people who dont give a darn.